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Yoga Classes In Sydney

Our method combines the meditative qualities of Hatha, Vinyassa and Ashtanga to create a unique style of yoga that rejuvenates the body and invigorates the soul. The ideal accompaniment to Pilates, our yoga classes ensure Quro provides each client with the tools they need to adequately care for their mind and bodies.

  • A place of physical and mental union
  • Increased longevity and healing
  • Greater flexibility & elasticity
  • De-stress and relax
  • Supervised childs play

Our classes are dynamic and challenging, yet we encourage our students to work at their own level and practice safely with awareness. Although many students practice just for the physical benefits, we believe that as you go deeper into the practice you will find that yoga is not just a series of postures, it is a state of being and an amazing journey of self-discovery. We are committed to providing a space where people feel welcomed, supported and able to experience the true benefits of yoga. A place where people can Balance the Mind and Body and Connect with others.

Each Quro Yoga class incorporates a series of breath-connected postures (asanas) that encourage integration of body and mind. Inhaling and exhaling cues inform the movement of interwoven asanas. The emphasis of breath in tandem with movement, along with a deliberate ordering of postures builds flexibility, strength and energy. As breath and body coordinate, the mind follows their union improving clarity and focus. Our yoga cultivates an ability to move skillfully and transition smoothly from asana to asana, leading to a sense of well-being and contentment.

The result is an athletic and peaceful, invigorating and calming, fun and challenging yoga experience! To learn more about our amazing yoga experience please contact us (see “click” button below) of fill out an enquiry at the right of this page.

Hot Yoga Classes Near Pyrmont & Ultimo

Quro™s Hot Yoga is performed in a heated room (30 degrees) but for the comfort of our clients we do not just rely on just heat from the room but heat from movement. This allows for the room not to be overheated and making for a more comfortable experience while receiving the wonderful results from Hot Yoga.

The heat allows for muscles to gently ease through their full range of movement but is not an excuse to push muscles beyond their limits. Heat improves circulation and metabolism and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Sweating aids in detoxifying the body and rejuvenates the skin and is proven to aid weight loss, detox the body, increase mental clarity and decrease stress.

Our Hot Hatha sequences allow the body to slowly ease through the different poses with no excess pressure on the body, focusing on body alignment or for a more challenging Hot yoga experience our Hot Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic, flowing form of yoga. Poses are held for a specific number of breaths before moving on to the next pose. Vinyasa also refers to the movements or series of movements done between each pose in the series.

Glebe Sydney Studio

To find out more information about classes at the Glebe Sydney Studio, located at 18 Bridge Road, Glebe, 2037 please
call us on 95664900.

Conveniently located just off the corner of Glebe Point Road and Bridge Road, just head down Bridge Road and we\92re at the first set of traffic lights.

Areas We Serve

The studio is in close proximity to Glebe, Ultimo, Pyrmont, Erskineville, Newtown, Darlington, Surry Hills, Redfern, Waterloo, Camperdown, Annandale, Chippendale, Haymarket, Eveleigh, Leichhardt and Forest Lodge.